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  • House Renor Drathir Chapter 3: The Preparation

    House Renor Drathir Chapter 3: The Preparation

    Chapter 3

    The Preparation


    Ssinss sensed the arrival of her trio of hunters and decided to make them wait to see what the three would do with their catch if left to their own devices long enough. She trusted them as much as one could ever trust a male but constantly made them prove their loyalty and earn the freedoms she gave them such as leaving the Under Dark for this hunting trip she sent them on.

    She had learned the hard way over the years that keeping one’s lesser males in her pits distracted with something like a surface elf helped to keep them in line making her role as Matron much easier. Not to mention, she loved to hear them make the little things scream, groan, moan and finally whimper as their spirits are broken while their bodies are used and abused so ruthlessly. The ones that begged for her children’s touch seemed to please Lloth the most when sacrificed and that was always good for Ssinss and her house however, the surface elves were getting smarter and harder to catch unawares starting to cause her problems but that was a matter for another day.

    Tonight she would make sure that Olist, Z’ress and Maligore had brought her exactly what she asked for then if they had, it would be time to prepare the gift properly for her male’s entertainment. She smirks to herself knowing how much fun her males will have defiling the loathsome surface elf.

    Slipping into the room silently to see what her pets are doing with their catch she is nicely surprised to find that they are simply keeping watch over their captive as they were told. She will have to reward them if they have completed the rest of their mission as well.

    Stepping out of the shadows near the bound elfess, her eyes moving over the loathsome creature critically, assessing every inch of her to be sure that she will serve her purpose and be able to survive her initiation into the realm of being the sex toy for a group of male drow among other plans in the works. Satisfied that the female will do, she sits in her chair facing the bound form of the female and finally speaks.

    “Olist, remove the hood so I can see what it looks like.” Without hesitation Olist moves gracefully and silently over to do his Mistress’ bidding, bending down, he loosens the hood then yanks it off letting the small elf’s head hit the floor a bit roughly. His task done he moves back to where he was standing out of the Matron’s way. Ssinss watches the small creature with mild interest to see its reaction and isn’t disappointed.

    Inwë gives a muffled yip when her head hits the floor, blinking a few times to focus, finding even the dim light a bit bright after the total darkness of the hood. She gasps around her gag and her eyes get wide with fear as she tries to scoot away from the drowess sitting so proudly and smugly in her ornate chair.

    Ssinss gives an amused and cynical laugh as the little one squirms and tries to get away, loving the look of fear in her eyes, her voice is almost a soft purr when she speaks to her. “You will have real reason to be afraid soon enough you vile little light lover. Z’ress sit the little thing up while Maligore pours this potion down her throat.” She hands Maligore the open potion bottle and watches the two carry out her wishes.

    Z’ress has no problem sitting the small elf up and holding her roughly and tightly with one arm around her, the other hand reaching up to roughly grab her hair and yank her head back to hold it there for Maligore. He takes the potion from his Mistress and smirks as he advances to tower over the little elf that Z’ress is holding so very tightly and still for him. He reaches out with his empty hand and very roughly yanks the bandana from around her head enjoying the squeal of shocked surprise that she makes when he does, he quickly tosses it aside and pulls the wadded up piece of cloth from her mouth, drops it to the floor and with no warning, he shoves the open end of the potion bottle between her lips and holds her nose shut so that she has no choice but to swallow the strange tasting liquid that ensures her infertility for at least a week. When he’s poured the entire bottle down the elves throat he lets go of her nose and gives her an evil smirk when he notices her tears then, moves to set the empty bottle on a nearby table.

    Ssinss sits back and gets very comfortable enjoying the show that her males are putting on for her with the little surface elf. She couldn’t have asked for better amusement especially now that the pitiful thing is crying. “Keep holding her like that Z’ress so that Olist and Maligore can cut those distasteful clothes from it, it will have no need of them in the future.”

    Needing no other urging, the two men descend upon the small elf while Z’ress stands her up so that they can cut her clothes off easier. Their daggers sharper than razors make quick work of the elf’s small amount of clothing, letting its shreds fall to the floor and expose every inch of her pale soft flesh to them all. Every one of the males gives a chuckle when she whimpers and more tears slide down her pale cheeks. Before they can move away from the small thing Ssinss issues another command. “Untie her then hold her spread for me so that I can see what my slaves are going to get to play with.” With surprising speed the three males cut the ropes from the elf and hold her spread eagle so that their Matron can see everything that she wishes to, taking obvious enjoyment in the small elf’s distressed whimpers and tears while they go about their work.

    She stands up gracefully and slowly walks around them, her eyes moving over the elfess like she’s assessing a piece of property, when she stops in front of the vile little female, she kicks her legs further apart, loving the yip she gets and how quickly the males move to hold the elf tighter and spread her legs further. She leans close to the frightened little thing gazing coldly into her tear filled eyes. “Tell me you vile little light lover, have you ever been fucked by a male?” Laughs evilly at the shocked look on the elf’s face not needing any more answer than that, she walks by each male, nips at his ear and whispers to him: “good boy” before going back to her chair and sitting down.

    “All of you, shackle her to the ceiling and floor in that spot, spread as wide as you can without dislocating anything then, come here.” They all laugh evilly when the little elf whimpers and struggles uselessly while the three males shackle her securely in the middle of the room spread as wide as her arms and legs will allow. The elfess quite nicely secure all three of the males almost in perfect unison walk over to kneel in front of their Mistress to await her next command.

    She smiles almost tenderly at her trio of males that have pleased her greatly by completing their task not only perfectly but faster than she expected them to. She hands Olist several pills as she gives her next command to him: “feed those to the vile little thing and be sure that she swallows all five of them. We want to make sure that she is very ready before we throw her into the pit, it wouldn’t do for them to break their new toy before they get to play with her long.”


    Olist looks at the pills in his hand that build one’s sexual desire ten fold each and laughs, the sound cold and evil instead of jovial sends shivers down the small elfess’ spine. He stands up, pours a small glass of water and walks over to the creature that’s held so nicely spread eagle, his eyes moving over her with contempt, he smirks at her and grabs her nose roughly, as she tries to shake his hand off, he hisses at her: “stop moving or I’ll shove them up your tight little white ass.” His smirk is back when her eyes get wider with fright and terror and she stops moving. “Good girl” he says as he drops all five pills into her open mouth then quickly pours a large amount of the water in after them, tilting his head and watching her with a bit of interest as she almost gags on it all but eventually swallows all of the pills. That done, he sets the empty glass back on the table and returns to kneeling in front of his Mistress who has a deliciously evil grin on her face.

    She hands each of them a vial of lotion then points to the bound elfess giving her next command to them: “you will cover every single inch of her skin with this lotion be sure not to miss anything my pets.” An evil smile spreads slowly across her lips as the elfess screams her objections before she’s even touched and wiggles very provocatively in her restraints.

    While the males move to the little elf and start rubbing the lotion liberally on the almost hysterical little thing’s hands and feet, she speaks to her: “Hush now little one, you will enjoy this, I promise and you will enjoy the touch of my males even more when they are done, the lotion they are so liberally apply to your weak pale flesh enhances pleasure to ensure that you will not only enjoy every touch but mixed with the pills, you will soon crave the touch of my males with every fiber of your being .”

    She shifts in her chair a bit as she watches her males slide their soft hands over the frail white flesh of the elf, the contrast quite a lovely sight to behold. The whimpering and crying of the little elfess adds to her pleasure as she watches her males intently. Smirking a bit she issues them another command: “no no no my pets, act like you are enjoying what you’re doing, play with the little thing, tease her, show her how wonderfully all of you can use your hands to pleasure a woman but do not give her enough to make her cum yet and don’t forget to coat the inside of her tight little holes my pets.” She laughs coldly when the little elfess screams her objections to the command, the little thing’s whimpers and cries music to the Matron’s ears and the struggle to get away from the attention that very very soon she will be begging and pleading for makes her smirk to herself.

    Inwë can’t help but scream and whimper and cry at the bizarre situation she has so suddenly found herself in. None of this makes any sense at all to her. A million questions run through her mind. Why would the drow not have killed her already? What are they doing to her? She screams her frustration, indignation and rage at the drowess when she commands the males so coldly to put their hands on her bare flesh.

    Their hands… so many warm soft hands sliding over her bare flesh, they’re easy to ignore at first, coating her hands and feet as she screams wildly and tries to get out of her shackles. Her eyes go wide with disbelief at the drowess’ words about the lotion and the pills, not believing that such things exist yet somehow, she knows that the drowess isn’t lying, she whimpers and fresh tears of frustration, confusion and humiliation slide down her cheeks as she tries pointlessly again to get free of the shackles that hold her spread wide in the most vulnerable position she’s ever experienced.

    Their six hands slide purposefully over her bare flesh the sensation not completely terrible but not overly nice either as the males perform their duty a bit roughly. Suddenly, upon their Mistress’ command their touch changes and it makes her whimper. So many hands suddenly almost tender and lovingly caress her cool flesh and spread the lotion very liberally up her arms and legs. Two males work on her arms while one is knelt down in front of her working his way slowly up both her legs. She closes her eyes and tries to block it all out but those hands… she can’t quite seem to block them out of her mind in fact, when she closes her eyes her mind tries to dwell on the new sensations that they’re so wonderfully sending through her making her moan very softly.

    Ssinss tilts her head to the side and moves to the edge of her chair when she hears the very soft moan from the elf, making sure she heard right before she whispers soft encouragements to her males: “that’s it my pets, keep going, you’re doing a wonderful job.” She sits back and watches the show intently knowing that soft moan means the pills, lotion and hands of her pets are all working to do their job on the helpless little elfess. She almost envies the poor little thing as the three males move their hands expertly over her exposed flesh.

    She moans very softly again as those wonderful hands move ever closer towards the center of her body where she seems to want them to go. She tries to struggle against the drug that’s clouding her mind but those wonderful sensations keep pulling her deeper into that fog that has her no longer struggling in her shackles but relaxing in them as she starts to enjoy the feel of the six warm and talented hands moving so boldly over her bare never before touched flesh.

    Her youth and inexperience don’t stand a chance against the wickedly ingenious ways the drow have to pleasure someone or to torture them. Their hands are moving everywhere but where she wants them. Almost all of her flesh has been heavily covered in the enhancing lotion, the males intentionally avoiding her more sensitive areas, smirking evilly as the little thing starts to moan louder and her little inexperienced hips start to wiggle and squirm for them. They nod to each other and stop touching her to make sure their hands are heavily coated in the lotion before positioning themselves to deliver the final touches that they know are going to drive their little captive absolutely wild especially since the pills have started to kick in. Olist is behind her, Z’ress stands in front of her and Maligore is knelt down in front of her. As one, all of their hands move back to the fair skinned captive’s body.

    She gasps and tenses in her restrains when they all assault her virgin body at exactly the same moment. Two hands grab her breasts, roughly and sensually fondling them, almost instantly making her perky little nipples start to get hard, two more hands grab her ass just as roughly, squeezing and spreading her so that the next two hands can simultaneously shove two fingers into her tiny little ass and two fingers into her hot tight pussy while his thumb rubs the lotion almost brutally into her swollen little clit. Her confused body has no idea which way to move as it’s overwhelmed with exquisite sensations of pleasure that make her moan, groan and whimper to them as her breathing gets rapidly heavier.

    “STOP!!” her tone leaves no room for argument when she commands her pets that very obediently, pull away from the little elf instantly leaving her to wiggle and squirm all alone hanging in the middle of the room whimpering at the loss of all those new and wonderful sensations. Smiling when her pets obey her immediately, she cocks her head to the side watching the vile creature writhe and squirm with her first true taste of her base animalistic cravings that will if unanswered drive her quite insane with pleasure and the pain of having no release from it could kill one as fragile as a surface elf.

  • House Renor Drathir Chapter 2: The Capture

    House Renor Drathir Chapter 2

    The Capture


    Already out of breath when they captured her, she can barely breathe with the wadded up cloth tied securely in her mouth, the hood on and all the bouncing around on his shoulder. She tries to wiggle and get free of her captor but being bound as securely as she is and in his surprisingly iron like grip she doesn’t accomplish much other than wiggling a little. She tries to listen for familiar sounds and keep a sense of direction about her but the hood is makes all of this virtually impossible.
    They make their way back to the secret entrance to their homeland without incident. First, they scour the area several times before they use the words that open the magical entrance and slip quickly inside before it can close again behind them. They make sure that nobody has followed them through before continuing their journey home.

    None of it seems quite real as she is swept away from her home. All of it seeming like a bad dream until she hears what sounds like a rock door grinding and sliding shut with a strange echoing finality. The air is suddenly cooler and yet somehow doesn’t feel quite right on the parts of her flesh that are bare. Her senses take all of this in and process it in a matter of seconds suddenly filling her with an overwhelming fear, she starts wiggling a lot more than before and tries to shake the hood off and the gag out of her mouth that’s muffling her screams.

    He chuckles evilly when she suddenly starts her useless struggling on his shoulder and he hears her muffled screams of panic. Not slowing his pace at all, he can’t resist helping the little elf’s terror along by moving his hand to grab her nicely rounded ass roughly to hold her on his shoulder more securely. Deciding to give her a small taste of what’s in store for her, he roughly squeezes and fondles that wonderfully wiggling firm ass of hers.

    She squeals into her gag when he grabs her ass partly from shock and partly from indignation. Her efforts to get away increase when he starts to roughly squeeze and fondle her ass, shocked at the liberties her captor is taking with her body already she can do nothing but keep trying to wiggle free and shake the annoying hood off. Her efforts don’t last long since she was almost totally exhausted before they subdued her in the forest so very close to home.


    The passages very narrow in places causes them change their formation to single file with the girl in the middle so that should something happen she will be both protected and secure until they reach their destination. Death from the surface dwellers much more preferable to the tortures of their Matron, the three are keenly alert of everything around them and every nuance of the passages they run through as they effortlessly, navigating the twisting, winding and turning tunnels, traveling ever downwards with their prize for their Matron.

    Finally arriving at house Renor Drathir, they slip unseen into one of the many secret entrances that comes out exactly where they were instructed to bring their catch to. Z’ress grabs her ass very roughly, squeezing and fondling it cruelly, laughing evilly at the squeals he gets from her before tossing her to the floor like a sack of potatoes. The trio keeps watch on the bound wiggling form of the elfess while they quietly wait for their Matron to arrive.

    She squealed surprised and shocked at the continued brazen boldness of her captor to take such liberties with her body. Suddenly she wasn’t on his shoulder any longer but before she could figure out what was going on, she hit the floor hard, making her groan around her gag and wiggle to try to get free of the ropes that bound her so securely.

  • Random internal reflections

    I know I promised you more of the story, however this seemed more important and pertinent to the season.

    sunrise-1400639_640Random internal reflections

    I have times of perfect clarity, but most of the time I am as lost as everyone else in the day-to-day affairs of us mortals. I have been silent for a while because I have been going through some shit, so I have been documenting some random internal reflections.

    Killing, dying, hating…all those things are easy.

    Living, loving, forgiving, moving on and moving past…those things are difficult, sometimes they are damn near impossible.

    It is easier to turn off than to stay turned on and feel the pain and sorrow.


    The strong person is not the one that is stoic, has their emotions under tight control and never shows them. The strong person is the one that feels the heart-break and devastation and puts themselves back out there, risking it all again in the name of love, friendship and camaraderie.


    Where I’m at:

    A friend of mine died earlier this year and my father died a few weeks ago. It makes me sad that they both past while I felt like a stranger to them or them to me.

    Sad, but not overly upset or distraught and THAT got me to thinking…

    Why isn’t it upsetting me?

    Why do I only feel a little sad about their passing?

    It has taken me a while, but I think I have figured it out.

    My passion is gone and it has been missing for quite some time.

    My anger and rage have gotten me into more trouble than everything else in my life put together, so I learned to control it and eventually got rid of it almost completely. What I did not realize was the cost of doing that.


    Getting rid of my anger cost me all of my passion in all things. I used to try to right the wrongs wherever I saw them and rage against injustice now, I shake my head and wonder what is wrong with the world and what anyone can do about it. I don’t care enough to do anything about it myself anymore and while I will talk about it to people, it is with the same zeal one discusses the weather.

    Anger was the last public emotion I allowed myself now, that is gone as well. I don’t know if I can get any of it back or if I should even try. Who cares anyhow? You all have your lives, I am simply a curious footnote in them now.

  • House Renor Drathir

    I thought I would show you the little story that started this epic series of books raging through my mind. This has not been edited, so it is a very rough draft.

    House Renor Drathir

    The start of a new enterprise

    Chapter 1

    The Prey

    Little did Inwë know that the majestic sunset she ran towards would be the last one she would set her beautiful, sky blue eyes upon for quite some time, if she ever saw one again at all. The colors are vibrant, brilliant and a testament to the glory of life. Normally, they would have taken her breath away causing her to pause and bask in the wonder and beauty of her world, but this is no ordinary dusk so, she keeps running trying not to spill the basket of berries she carries. The berries are the whole reason she is late, if she didn’t have to have the fresh strawberry tarts grans makes, she wouldn’t have gone so far from the village to collect a whole basket of the fresh, wild berries.


    She has to make it to the village before nightfall, the elders have passed a decree that the gates be shut and barred at sunset; nobody is allowed to enter or leave until sunrise the next morning. The thought of spending the night all alone in the woods frightens her more than she’ll ever let anyone know. She just can’t be late, this is the first time they’ve let her go out alone into the woods. She remembers the fit she threw over having an escort now that she’s 25 and not a child anymore. Looking around at the shadows makes her wish she had never thrown that fit and had the companionship of an elder.


    The shadows in the dense woods are already getting long and it seems like things are moving in them, just out of her sight so, she runs faster trying not to spill the berries she worked so hard to collect while, at the same time her need to get to her village becomes desperate. Her small, bare feet barely touch the ground and are almost silent as they propel her towards the safety of her home and village. Her heart races in her chest and she is panting from the effort of running as fast as she can to get home in time.


    Olist, Z’ress and Maligore come across her at the beginning of sunset and can’t believe their good fortune. They scour the area for her escort knowing that the nearby village doesn’t let their young ones out unescorted but curiously, they find none. This tells them several things; such as the fact that while the small Darthirii girl looks young, she is not as young as she appears to be and also that their job will be a lot easier than they had planned for.



    They watch her, assessing her moves with critical eyes to be sure she is exactly what their Brèideach wants. Young, full-figured, seemingly inexperienced and most of all alluringly fuckable and that, she most certainly is. Despite the fact that she’s a Darthirii, there’s something about the way she looks and moves that makes you want to fuck her in every way possible, make her scream and moan for you but most of all, to possess her and make her beg for you.


    Completely unrelated and perhaps random

    I have had issues trying to get you a new post on Fridays, so we are going to try Mondays for a while. Things here are both boring and hectic. I am not quite sure how that works, but it is what it is.

    I will be bringing you the other four chapters of: House Renor Drathir in the next four weeks.

    Seems that my host is not wanting to accept file uploads at the moment. That means we only get one graphic with this post, sorry everyone.

  • Bathtub, Oil & You

    Bathtub, Oil & You


    My mind keeps wandering to thoughts of you, your eyes, your smile, your touch… “mmm”, your touch… I shake myself mentally trying to focus on the report I need to get done for work tomorrow, silently cursing weeknights that you have to work overtime.  After about an hour of my mind wandering to you, I give up on the report and decide to take a hot bath hoping that might help me focus on the work at hand.

    I start my bath almost totally hot water and add some lightly scented bath beads.  While the tub fills, I go about getting and doing a few other things.  I turn on my music, loud enough to hear in the bathroom, light an incense and few scented candles, then I grab my towels and baby oil taking everything into the bathroom with me. I turn the water off, take off my clothes, brush my hair, then sink into the tub.  The hot water caresses my bare skin almost as a lover would. “mmm” I slide under the water letting it envelop me for a while before sliding up to lean against the back of the tub.  Closing my eyes, I enjoy the hot water, scents and sounds letting myself relax completely.

    Almost asleep, my mind inevitable wanders to you.  I smile softly then, wash myself from head to toe, knowing it’s useless for me to keep trying to get you out of my head.  Done washing, I let the water out of the tub, wrap my hair in a towel and grab the baby oil I set next to the tub.  I step out of the tub onto the bathmat without drying off, the hot drops of water glistening on my bare flesh in the candlelight.



    I pour a liberal amount of baby oil into my hand, rub my hands together and begin applying it to my hot, wet, bare flesh. Starting with my arms, I leave no spot dry. Next, is my neck, my oily hands slide over my body leaving an oily sheen behind that reflects the dancing flames from the candles.  My oily hands slide over my breasts making my nipples slightly hard. Pouring more oil into my hands, I go back to my breasts, covering them in a lot more oil than is needed.

    My nipples get harder with each teasing pass of my hands.  Finally, I give into my desires, pinching my already hard nipples between thumbs and forefingers hard enough to cause pain, if it wasn’t for the ton of baby oil that makes my hard nipples slide easily through my fingers. Eyes closed, a soft moan escapes my lips, pinching and twisting my nipples savagely I moan louder.  My mind turning my hands into yours making me hotter and wetter than I already am. Giving my hard, oily nipples one last, brutal twist teasing myself almost as much as you do, I reluctantly slide my hands down to my stomach.

    I oil my stomach, back and shoulders slowly, enjoying how easily my hands slide over my bare flesh and the sensual feel of the oil half soaking in and half lubricating me from what will soon be head to toe. I teasingly move my oily hands near but never touch my already hot and wet pussy.  Sliding over my ass, I squeeze a bit being sure to keep me hot and wet for what I have planned.

    Nipples hard as rocks, an even sheen covering every last inch of my bare flesh and my pussy so hot and wet that it’s begging to be satisfied. I toss the towel that’s on my hair to the floor and take the bottle of oil with me to the bedroom.

    I set the oil on the bedside table then go to get the candles. Not thinking about such things, I Leave the bedroom door open and put a candle on each side of the bed.  Satisfied that I have everything I need, I crawl to the middle of the bed and position myself comfortably before reaching for the oil. Instead of pouring it into my hand, I drizzle it over one hard nipple then the other, my free hand rubs the oil in giving each nipple a hard pinch, I close my eyes moaning softly. Before drizzling the oil any further, I set it down so both hands can pinch and roll my hard sensitive nipples. Moaning softly, my legs slowly spread as my pussy gets hotter and wetter.

    I am so engrossed in what I’m doing I don’t hear you come in to surprise me.  My moans draw you to the bedroom; your mind goes to the worst possible scenario, anger and outrage building with each step you take.  You are so shocked by what you see being the complete opposite of what you imagined, you freeze in the doorway just staring at the sight before you.


    When my pussy is so hot you can see it dripping, my eyes still closed, I pick the oil back up drizzling it down my stomach with one hand, the other slowly rubbing the oil in after it.  My hips move slowly, begging and pleading to be touched.  After what seems like forever, the oil finally hits my hot, needy clit, my hips jump and arch up to meet it, a loud moan escaping my lips.  I let the oil slowly run down my now hot and dripping pussy. My oil soaked chest moves up and down faster, making the reflected candlelight glisten and shimmer on my naked flesh, my breathing gets heavier and my moans get louder.

    You grab my hands, totally shocked, my eyes pop open and I try to get away having no idea what’s going on.  I realize it’s you at the same moment your very talented tongue touches my needy clit, making me groan even louder.  The unexpected attack and its timing instantly make me cum, my dripping and desperate pussy pushes up towards you begging to be fucked.  Without hesitation, you shove two fingers roughly and deeply into my hot, tight and dripping cunt, fucking me hard & fast. My moans and groans of pleasure fill the room, you have me on the verge of another orgasm before the first one has stopped.


    Knowing my body as well if not better than your own, you know how close I am to cumming.  You don’t even think at this point, your body instinctively reacts to mine. Without missing a beat or giving my aching cunt a break, your fucking and licking get faster and more intense. You suddenly move your free hand to catch some of the oil and cum mix dripping down my pussy, soaking your fingers before you slam two of them into my tight, little ass.   I catch my breath with a loud gasp at the sudden and unexpected invasion and pleasure.  I emit a low, deep groan seeming to melt from the ambush of sudden, intense pleasure you’re giving me. Another orgasm adds itself to the first, one word barely able to be heard between my pants, moans and groans “yes”.

    All of this has made you rock hard and barely able to think past the hot, dripping, tight pussy in your face and how desperately you need to fuck it. Knowing that you’re the one making me cum like this, that my legs spread only for you, my moans and then the “yes” push you over the edge of control.  Right in the middle of my orgasm, you stop long enough to replace your tongue and hands with your swollen, hard, throbbing cock.

    You ram your cock into me, the oil helping you hilt it on the first stroke.  I gasp in a huge breath, your cock slamming me into yet another orgasm.  I groan deeply whispering and panting “no…no…no”.


    Knowing that I do not want you to stop, you fuck me savagely, slamming your hard, throbbing cock into my hot, wet, tight pussy that keeps getting tighter, hotter and wetter. My long nails rake down your back pulling you closer, moaning my intense pleasure to you, one orgasm building on the next, taking me higher with each stroke of your cock. The only thing that makes it through the fog of my passion are the thoughts; “I –have- to make you cum with me” and “I have to feel you cum deep inside me.”

    I fuck you faster and harder pushing past the muscles in my body that are begging to stop with every orgasm. Not knowing anymore if it’s a lot of orgasms or just one that keeps getting more and more intense. The drive to make you cum takes over, every move becomes about you and your pleasure, I pant into your ear “mmm, I need you to *moan* cum for me my love”.

    You don’t know if it’s me fucking you harder & faster, my nails digging into the bare flesh of your back or me telling you what I need or perhaps it’s all of them together.  I doesn’t matter what it was, your last tiny bit of control is gone, you ram your cock as deep into my needy cunt as you can, biting my neck and moaning, your hot cum shoots into my already drenched pussy. Our moans mix together into one sound of pure bliss, my nails dig deeper into your back, every muscle in my body tightens around you, keeping you held tightly to and inside of me as your orgasm makes me cum harder and more intensely than I ever have before.

    I cling to you panting, covered in sweat and oil, not able to move until some of my muscles relax. My mind soars and floats from the intensity of all the pleasure you’ve given me.  Beyond happy, content and words, I want to savor this moment as long as possible, having absolutely no desire to let you go.

  • Adult Content, the Moral Minority and the First Amendment


    Adult Content, the Moral Minority and the First Amendment

    Adult Content, the Moral Minority and the First Amendment is a very long title for one of my posts, however these three things are interconnected. Especially where this blog and my fiction writing are concerned. People think they are persecuted because of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender and many other things. This may or may not be the case depending upon the circumstances. You have seen nothing until you try to create a website that may include profanity or adult related material.

    Adult Content

    Good luck finding a host for your website that does not cost a mint. Thankfully, I found TMD hosting. They are not porn central or anything like that. What they are is user-friendly. They do not care about your content as long as it is legal. In my opinion that is what all hosts should do. The ones that do not do that are discriminating against legal content that does not fit into the “Moral Minority’s” list of “acceptable” topics of conversation.

    The Moral Minority

    I know, most people think of them as a majority. Take some time and look around the internet and your town. Are they really the majority? Compare the people in church on their Sabbath vs the number of people in the bars on Friday & Saturday nights. Even more fun, compare the church goes to the number of people in a restaurant or fast food joint or a sporting event. Truth is more people show up for almost anything than they do for church. The reason they are thought of as a majority is because they are loud, vocal and visual. Christians being among the loudest. Because of these things, there are insane limits on adult entertainment among others.

    The First Amendment

    Thank you for making the Constitution available to everyone.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” <— This seems straight forward enough, but let’s clarify a little.

    “The Supreme Court has held that restrictions on speech because of its content—that is, when the government targets the speaker’s message—generally violate the First Amendment.” This makes it even more clear.

    Isn’t it funny that while it is unconstitutional for the government to restrict the content of what we say to express ourselves, it is perfectly all right for everyone else to do it. If it is in fact unconstitutional to restrict speech based on “content”, why is it so rampant. This is especially true on the internet.

    You can find all kinds of hate websites and yes even pornography, but you will find that most of the pornography sites are hosted outside the USA due to this unfair persecution by the moral minority. There are sexual acts I would rather not see (I will however write about them). On the other side, I would rather see those than any message of hate.

    My personal thoughts on the subject

    Adult Content, the Moral Minority and the First Amendment, these three things should not be as intertwined as they are. I do not know if I am or will make a difference, but I will voice my opinion.

    I would rather have someone read/look at adult material, role play socially unacceptable acts and the like than go out and do them. You can’t hurt my avatar/character, you can hurt me, my family and others.

    The Bible is full of rape, mutilations, desecrations and a multitude of other horrors. Yet the moral minority would rather your children read it than something as innocent as the Harry Potter series of books. As a parent, this should worry you. They are discouraging children’s imagination. To me that is a warning sign to all those that love children. Never hinder a child’s imagination, help them explore it. If it scares you, help them find constructive ways to express it. Painting, drawing and writing are very good examples of constructive expression.

    Personal choice is great, everyone should exercise this right and have the freedom to not be persecuted for it. Nobody should force their choices or ideals on others no matter who they are. To put it more simply: Your rights end where mine begin. Before you freak out about that statement, continue reading. This does not give criminals a free ride, it limits them severely, their right to cause harm to others is not condoned since it infringes on another’s rights.

    What we can do

    Share this blog post with your friends and family. Become more informed: ACLU, UNESCO, Berkman Klein Center at Harvard Law are just a few places to become more informed and involved to speak out against this unconstitutional persecution.

    For a look into where all of this could lead, you may want to read: Fahrenheit 451 by: Ray Bradbury or George Orwell’s 1984.

  • Personal Growth & Changes


    New for me

    Anyone that knows me, knows that I am always reading, studying and learning new things. This has led to personal growth & changes in me as well as my writing. I will not bore you with all the gory details of this process, unless you request them. Just a few of those responsible for my insights are: Jeff Goins, Bryan Hutchinson as well as J.E. & M. Keep

    The Old

    I have read through my old blog posts. To be honest, they are beyond boring. I found myself not really caring about what I wrote. That is sad and I am sorry if I bored you. Let me rephrase. I care about the things I have blogged about thus far. I simply find it ho-hum in a world filled with millions of such posts.

    The New

    I love to write. If I do not write every day, I feel off, wrong, cranky and not myself. I need it almost as much as I need the air I breathe. Since I need to write, isn’t that what my blog should be? Me writing? From now on, that is what you’re going to get, my writing. You may or may not like it, which is great. Either way it will be more real and more me.

    After today, I promise you will not get boring commentary on current issues, political views or any of the other millions of things like these that flood the internet. You will get one more of them today since it is already scheduled. After that, you will get my writing and things directly related to my writing.

    The new also means that when the mood strikes me, there will be adult content here. You have been warned.

  • NaNoWriMo

    Join Me at NaNoWriMo


    For those of you that do not know what NaNoWriMo is, I will try to explain it to you. Share with you the attraction and hopefully inspire your creative genius. Don’t balk at that, everyone has one.

    NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writers Month which is November.

    Writers the world over gather at NaNoWriMo.org to encourage each other. Learn about their craft. Challenge one another and otherwise socialize with other writers. We do all of this while trying to knock out a whopping 50,000 words in the month of November. For those scratching their heads at the math, that is 1,667 words a day.

    I confess, the first time I saw that number I thought it was a daunting task. I did not see how it was possible for a mediocre typist to accomplish this task. Me being me, I had to try it. I desperately wanted to get my first book finished. I was amazed at how easy it became with the community and accountability that NaNoWriMo provided.

    Write Ins

    These are very simple. Writers gather online (virtual write in) or in person. Then they write. Usually with a topic or idea and a set amount of time. While they can be fun and help with social interaction, for me they slow the process down. For me, they are a nice little diversion from sitting alone in my office with my headset blasting in my ears. Some of the hosts for the virtual write ins are also quite amusing, offering much-needed comic relief.


    There are many events during November as well as at other times of the year. For a complete calendar, simply click here. Try as I will, I cannot attend all the events in November and still write 50.000 words.

    The Harsh Reality

    While NaNoWriMo is a great tool, it is not the begin all and end all in the writing process. It helped me get the bare bones, first rough, rough draft completed. It also provided a place to meet other writers. Given my genre of writing, that was about all it offered me. Most “main stream” editors, publishers and the like will not come near my work. Even in this day and age, we are still ruled by the moral minority.

    DO NOT think you have a novel simply because you spit out 50,000 words in November or any other month. You don’t. What you have, if you’re lucky, is the beginnings of the foundation for a novel.

    Best Advice Ever

    Stephen King said it plain and simple in his book: On Writing – “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time or tools to write.”

    “Whatever Works” Author after author has said that over and over. It is so simple most people dismiss it, but it is a fact. YOU have to do whatever works for YOU. It does not matter if it works for anyone else as long as it works for you. That advice is good no matter what you are trying to do.

    My apologies

    This post is several days past due. I apologize for that. All last week our living room floor was being redone. The place was filled with noise and sawdust leaving me less than inspired. It also made it difficult to sit down at the computer and get any work done.