• House Renor Drathir Chapter 3: The Preparation

    House Renor Drathir Chapter 3: The Preparation Chapter 3 The Preparation   Ssinss sensed the arrival of her trio of hunters and decided to make them wait to see what the three would do with their catch if left to their own devices long enough. She trusted them as much as one could ever trust a male but constantly made them prove their loyalty and earn the freedoms she gave them such as leaving the Under Dark for this hunting trip she sent them on. She had learned the hard way over the years that keeping one’s lesser males in her pits distracted with something like a surface elf helped to keep them in line making her role as Matron much easier. Not to mention, she loved to hear them make the little things scream, groan, moan and finally whimper as their spirits are broken while their bodies are used and abused so ruthlessly. The ones that begged for her children’s touch seemed to please Lloth the most when sacrificed and that was always good for Ssinss and her house however, the surface elves were getting smarter and harder to catch unawares starting to cause her problems but that was […]

  • House Renor Drathir Chapter 2: The Capture

    House Renor Drathir Chapter 2 The Capture Already out of breath when they captured her, she can barely breathe with the wadded up cloth tied securely in her mouth, the hood on and all the bouncing around on his shoulder. She tries to wiggle and get free of her captor but being bound as securely as she is and in his surprisingly iron like grip she doesn’t accomplish much other than wiggling a little. She tries to listen for familiar sounds and keep a sense of direction about her but the hood is makes all of this virtually impossible. They make their way back to the secret entrance to their homeland without incident. First, they scour the area several times before they use the words that open the magical entrance and slip quickly inside before it can close again behind them. They make sure that nobody has followed them through before continuing their journey home. None of it seems quite real as she is swept away from her home. All of it seeming like a bad dream until she hears what sounds like a rock door grinding and sliding shut with a strange echoing finality. The air is suddenly cooler […]

  • Random internal reflections

    I know I promised you more of the story, however this seemed more important and pertinent to the season. Random internal reflections I have times of perfect clarity, but most of the time I am as lost as everyone else in the day-to-day affairs of us mortals. I have been silent for a while because I have been going through some shit, so I have been documenting some random internal reflections. Killing, dying, hating…all those things are easy. Living, loving, forgiving, moving on and moving past…those things are difficult, sometimes they are damn near impossible. It is easier to turn off than to stay turned on and feel the pain and sorrow. The strong person is not the one that is stoic, has their emotions under tight control and never shows them. The strong person is the one that feels the heart-break and devastation and puts themselves back out there, risking it all again in the name of love, friendship and camaraderie.   Where I’m at: A friend of mine died earlier this year and my father died a few weeks ago. It makes me sad that they both past while I felt like a stranger to them or them […]

  • House Renor Drathir

    I thought I would show you the little story that started this epic series of books raging through my mind. This has not been edited, so it is a very rough draft. House Renor Drathir The start of a new enterprise Chapter 1 The Prey Little did Inwë know that the majestic sunset she ran towards would be the last one she would set her beautiful, sky blue eyes upon for quite some time, if she ever saw one again at all. The colors are vibrant, brilliant and a testament to the glory of life. Normally, they would have taken her breath away causing her to pause and bask in the wonder and beauty of her world, but this is no ordinary dusk so, she keeps running trying not to spill the basket of berries she carries. The berries are the whole reason she is late, if she didn’t have to have the fresh strawberry tarts grans makes, she wouldn’t have gone so far from the village to collect a whole basket of the fresh, wild berries.   She has to make it to the village before nightfall, the elders have passed a decree that the gates be shut and […]

  • Bathtub, Oil & You

    Bathtub, Oil & You My mind keeps wandering to thoughts of you, your eyes, your smile, your touch… “mmm”, your touch… I shake myself mentally trying to focus on the report I need to get done for work tomorrow, silently cursing weeknights that you have to work overtime.  After about an hour of my mind wandering to you, I give up on the report and decide to take a hot bath hoping that might help me focus on the work at hand. I start my bath almost totally hot water and add some lightly scented bath beads.  While the tub fills, I go about getting and doing a few other things.  I turn on my music, loud enough to hear in the bathroom, light an incense and few scented candles, then I grab my towels and baby oil taking everything into the bathroom with me. I turn the water off, take off my clothes, brush my hair, then sink into the tub.  The hot water caresses my bare skin almost as a lover would. “mmm” I slide under the water letting it envelop me for a while before sliding up to lean against the back of the tub.  Closing my […]

  • A Proper Introduction

    A Proper Introduction: Looking at my previous posts and this site, I realize I have not properly introduced myself, so this is your proper introduction to N. Larl. Yes, I have told you some things about me, without telling you why I may seem familiar to you. I had to change my online name and my website due to copyright infringements. I would rather not be sued for “stealing” even if I have been known under the name for many, many years. They do not care about those things, only which of us got to the copyright office first. I used to role-play on many unofficial UO shards. I have always had a multitude of characters on any shard I played on, but the one I thought of as home, was “The Genesis Shard”. Most there knew me as either Andromeda or Rommie and this is the avatar I used: I am sure some of you just left and cancelled your subscription to this blog. Good for you, way to hold a grudge. Have a wonderful, happy life (No sarcasm intended). For those of you still with me, “Hi!” It has been a while, I am glad to see you […]

  • Adult Content, the Moral Minority and the First Amendment

    Adult Content, the Moral Minority and the First Amendment Adult Content, the Moral Minority and the First Amendment is a very long title for one of my posts, however these three things are interconnected. Especially where this blog and my fiction writing are concerned. People think they are persecuted because of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender and many other things. This may or may not be the case depending upon the circumstances. You have seen nothing until you try to create a website that may include profanity or adult related material. Adult Content Good luck finding a host for your website that does not cost a mint. Thankfully, I found TMD hosting. They are not porn central or anything like that. What they are is user-friendly. They do not care about your content as long as it is legal. In my opinion that is what all hosts should do. The ones that do not do that are discriminating against legal content that does not fit into the “Moral Minority’s” list of “acceptable” topics of conversation. The Moral Minority I know, most people think of them as a majority. Take some time and look around the internet and your town. Are […]

  • Personal Growth & Changes

    New for me Anyone that knows me, knows that I am always reading, studying and learning new things. This has led to personal growth & changes in me as well as my writing. I will not bore you with all the gory details of this process, unless you request them. Just a few of those responsible for my insights are: Jeff Goins, Bryan Hutchinson as well as J.E. & M. Keep The Old I have read through my old blog posts. To be honest, they are beyond boring. I found myself not really caring about what I wrote. That is sad and I am sorry if I bored you. Let me rephrase. I care about the things I have blogged about thus far. I simply find it ho-hum in a world filled with millions of such posts. The New I love to write. If I do not write every day, I feel off, wrong, cranky and not myself. I need it almost as much as I need the air I breathe. Since I need to write, isn’t that what my blog should be? Me writing? From now on, that is what you’re going to get, my writing. You may or […]

  • Guilt

    Guilt: Guilt is the thing that holds me back the most. I’m not talking about religious guilt, although some days it does play its part in my world. I’m talking about the guilt I feel when I write instead of doing things with family or friends. The guilt of sitting here writing instead of doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom or any of a million household chores I think I should be doing. Every day: I feel guilty for not role-playing with my friends the way I used to. Guilt plagues me when my better half is out working his tail off while I sit here and write. People I used to talk to every day I now only talk to a few times a year, MAJOR guilt there. Family has drifted away and apart leaving me to feel guilty for not taking more time to nurture those relationships. A Real Life Story: To help you understand the level of my guilt, let me share a story with you. I took the kids shopping for some much-needed shoes (a never-ending expense for most parents). They were having a wonderful sale, so I bought myself a pair of boots while I […]

  • Reading Challenge

    October Reading Challenge I have decided to read a LOT in October. With the writing challenge looming over my head for November, I thought what better time to read than now. Not only am I reading, I am going the extra step to post reviews on Goodreads. I usually keep my opinions about books to myself. This is new for me, but that is the fun in life. Doing things we have not done before. I do not expect anyone to really care what I think, like or dislike about their books. The idea is to actually absorb the story/information and give an honest unsolicited opinion about it. I have always been an avid reader, sometimes to the point of distraction. It is high time I let the authors I enjoy know that they are appreciated with words as well as cash. I will try to share what I’m currently reading as well as a copy of my reviews on the Library forum here in the Lair. I finished a book called “Led into Temptation” by: J. E. & M. Keep and Edgar Allan Poe‘s short story “A Descent into the Maelstrom” that is part of “The Essential Tales and […]