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    I know I promised you more of the story, however this seemed more important and pertinent to the season. Random internal reflections I have times of perfect clarity, but most of the time I am as lost as everyone else in the day-to-day affairs of us mortals. I have been silent for a while because I have been going through some shit, so I have been documenting some random internal reflections. Killing, dying, hating…all those things are easy. Living, loving, forgiving, moving on and moving past…those things are difficult, sometimes they are damn near impossible. It is easier to turn off than to stay turned on and feel the pain and sorrow. The strong person is not the one that is stoic, has their emotions under tight control and never shows them. The strong person is the one that feels the heart-break and devastation and puts themselves back out there, risking it all again in the name of love, friendship and camaraderie.   Where I’m at: A friend of mine died earlier this year and my father died a few weeks ago. It makes me sad that they both past while I felt like a stranger to them or them […]