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  • Adult Content, the Moral Minority and the First Amendment

    Adult Content, the Moral Minority and the First Amendment Adult Content, the Moral Minority and the First Amendment is a very long title for one of my posts, however these three things are interconnected. Especially where this blog and my fiction writing are concerned. People think they are persecuted because of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender and many other things. This may or may not be the case depending upon the circumstances. You have seen nothing until you try to create a website that may include profanity or adult related material. Adult Content Good luck finding a host for your website that does not cost a mint. Thankfully, I found TMD hosting. They are not porn central or anything like that. What they are is user-friendly. They do not care about your content as long as it is legal. In my opinion that is what all hosts should do. The ones that do not do that are discriminating against legal content that does not fit into the “Moral Minority’s” list of “acceptable” topics of conversation. The Moral Minority I know, most people think of them as a majority. Take some time and look around the internet and your town. Are […]

  • Personal Growth & Changes

    New for me Anyone that knows me, knows that I am always reading, studying and learning new things. This has led to personal growth & changes in me as well as my writing. I will not bore you with all the gory details of this process, unless you request them. Just a few of those responsible for my insights are: Jeff Goins, Bryan Hutchinson as well as J.E. & M. Keep The Old I have read through my old blog posts. To be honest, they are beyond boring. I found myself not really caring about what I wrote. That is sad and I am sorry if I bored you. Let me rephrase. I care about the things I have blogged about thus far. I simply find it ho-hum in a world filled with millions of such posts. The New I love to write. If I do not write every day, I feel off, wrong, cranky and not myself. I need it almost as much as I need the air I breathe. Since I need to write, isn’t that what my blog should be? Me writing? From now on, that is what you’re going to get, my writing. You may or […]

  • Reading Challenge

    October Reading Challenge I have decided to read a LOT in October. With the writing challenge looming over my head for November, I thought what better time to read than now. Not only am I reading, I am going the extra step to post reviews on Goodreads. I usually keep my opinions about books to myself. This is new for me, but that is the fun in life. Doing things we have not done before. I do not expect anyone to really care what I think, like or dislike about their books. The idea is to actually absorb the story/information and give an honest unsolicited opinion about it. I have always been an avid reader, sometimes to the point of distraction. It is high time I let the authors I enjoy know that they are appreciated with words as well as cash. I will try to share what I’m currently reading as well as a copy of my reviews on the Library forum here in the Lair. I finished a book called “Led into Temptation” by: J. E. & M. Keep and Edgar Allan Poe‘s short story “A Descent into the Maelstrom” that is part of “The Essential Tales and […]

  • Inspired Writer

    No, this is not Friday, I know I missed last Friday. I will explain more about that in a forum post later today or this week some time. Inspired Writer How to Create Magic with Your Words I just finished reading: “Inspired Writer How to Create Magic with Your Words” by: Bryan Hutchinson of www.PositiveWriter.com. I felt the overwhelming need to share my experience with you. Having read many, many books on writing, some helpful, most not so much. The eBook “Inspired Writer” is by far one of the best I have come across to date. Bryan’s message and guidance are amazing in their profound simplicity. His words are not just for writers, but for any and every one with an artistic flare. With such marvelous gems as: “Your ideas, ambitions, and dreams are important, and we need you to strive to achieve them, because no matter how stupid they may seem to you, they’re not really stupid at all.” “Walk your path, and if you stumble, catch yourself, pick yourself back up, and keep creating. Stop punishing yourself. Please. We need you to keep going. The world sorely needs your creativity and artistic touch.” “Accept yourself as you are […]