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  • Places I Prowl

    As a budding writer, I prowl and lurk around many resources for writers and readers alike. This is where I will share the ones I think you will find interesting. I will add to this when I sniff out new places I think will interest you or have been helpful to me. Places I prowl or lurk: To win a free copy of Jerry B. Jenkins’ book: Writing for the Soul –> Click Here! Just for fun, I lurk around here: Darknest Fantasy Erotica is the site for high quality fiction and art, including fanfiction/fanart for the top MMOs. With an extensive roster of classified ads by people looking for erotic roleplay.     Synopsis sites: These are listed in order of helpfulness to me. Synopsis for lots of characters Writing a novel synopsis How to write a synopsis

  • Editor

    I sent the first three chapters of the first book to an editor today. This makes me nervous, anxious, excited and a million other things all at once. Why this is making me so nervous and anxious: This is the first time I have let a complete stranger look at my baby. I am over-whelmed with emotions at the thought of someone else reading my work. There it is, I am. I am having trouble sitting still to write this. I will start keeping you all up-to-date at least once a week. Hopefully, I will be able to post every Friday and much earlier in the day than it is now. My Hopes, dreams & aspirations: Hoping, this editor does not get put off by my lack of experience. I have searched for an editor for some time, if this all works out well, I will be sure to share her information with all of you. I am taking deep breaths and trying to calm myself down so I can finish writing this for you. Dreaming of the day I get to see one of my babies on sale somewhere, so this is a MAJOR step in that direction. Stepping […]

  • What’s been keeping me busy

    I’m sorry that it’s been so long since you have heard from me and thank you for your patience. What I’ve been up to:   Been busy with real life things. Mostly I have been busy writing the second book in my ever-growing series. I have also been looking for beta readers, an editor, designing covers and revising when/where needed. Also Been busy learning how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I know, sounds trite and trivial, however it is not, it is so that I can write my future books even faster and only get half as many hand cramps. This will also speed things up since I will be able to write even more on any given day. Although, at this point, I think the Dragon is training me instead of the other way around. Since I have not had much luck with beta readers (people have busy lives), I will create a place for them in the forums. If you are interested in becoming a beta reader or are a writer in search of one, you will be able to post in there. That way, you will all be able to find each other. If you have any problems […]

  • User Accounts & Spam Bots

    Posted on by Larl

    I hate spam bots! All accounts, except admins, were deleted because of spam-bots. Sorry for any problems this might cause you. With the new anti-bot ware I hope that we will be able to carry on with our fun. Please re-register and accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Update: I have spent the last 5 days or so speeding up the site and adding anti-malware/spam bot protection to the site. I REALLY loath that I had to spend time on idiot spammers instead of finishing the site design and creating what I hope will be a great gathering place for you.

  • Let’s get started

    What to Expect If you are looking for one topic and a logical sequence of thoughts, then you are in the wrong place. I have tried to stick to one topic in blogs before and it does not work well for me. You get my thoughts and opinions mostly uncensored. You will get my ideas/interests/notes and anything else that comes to mind that day. I am not child or user-friendly, do not expect to be coddled or have sunshine pumped up your skirt. I am me, you will either like that or you won’t come back, it is entirely up to you. That said, I hope you stay and take part giving me your feedback, opinions, likes, dislikes and any other response you see fit to share. No spam or attacking other users. I like to eat spam, not see it on websites.