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  • A Proper Introduction

    A Proper Introduction: Looking at my previous posts and this site, I realize I have not properly introduced myself, so this is your proper introduction to N. Larl. Yes, I have told you some things about me, without telling you why I may seem familiar to you. I had to change my online name and my website due to copyright infringements. I would rather not be sued for “stealing” even if I have been known under the name for many, many years. They do not care about those things, only which of us got to the copyright office first. I used to role-play on many unofficial UO shards. I have always had a multitude of characters on any shard I played on, but the one I thought of as home, was “The Genesis Shard”. Most there knew me as either Andromeda or Rommie and this is the avatar I used: I am sure some of you just left and cancelled your subscription to this blog. Good for you, way to hold a grudge. Have a wonderful, happy life (No sarcasm intended). For those of you still with me, “Hi!” It has been a while, I am glad to see you […]

  • Personal Growth & Changes

    New for me Anyone that knows me, knows that I am always reading, studying and learning new things. This has led to personal growth & changes in me as well as my writing. I will not bore you with all the gory details of this process, unless you request them. Just a few of those responsible for my insights are: Jeff Goins, Bryan Hutchinson as well as J.E. & M. Keep The Old I have read through my old blog posts. To be honest, they are beyond boring. I found myself not really caring about what I wrote. That is sad and I am sorry if I bored you. Let me rephrase. I care about the things I have blogged about thus far. I simply find it ho-hum in a world filled with millions of such posts. The New I love to write. If I do not write every day, I feel off, wrong, cranky and not myself. I need it almost as much as I need the air I breathe. Since I need to write, isn’t that what my blog should be? Me writing? From now on, that is what you’re going to get, my writing. You may or […]

  • New forums update:

    All about the new forums: I just installed new forums today so there is very little in there. I am working on adding to them, but wanted to let everyone know what I’m up to today. The setup is fairly simple and straight forward which always helps. I will connect the forums and my posts here shortly so you can all have your say about things once again. Users: So far it seems to recognize all of our current members. If you have a problem, please post it if you can or e-mail us at: Support@nlarl.com. What to expect: There are going to be private a specialty areas for those of you with darker desires and the inclination to play rough or that wish to role play. Working on the FAQ section and general information as well, to help everyone have more fun. We will also have a suggestion area for you. Completely unrelated: With the presidential election in the U.S. right around the corner, I will post something about it here in the near future. I promise it will not be another boring opinion on the two lousy candidates from the Republicans and Democrats. Comment

  • Remodeling? Feels Like We’re Moving

    Landlord says remodeling, but it feels more like we’re moving. The good news is: In about two weeks, the landlord is replacing the old, nasty carpet that has been here for over a decade. This is great news, the place has needed new flooring since before we moved in. The bad news is: As we look at what there is to move, we realize, not only do we need to go through everything, there is no place to put the large items from the living room, bedroom and office to give easy access to the floors. It is amazing the amount of stuff we have accumulated and acquired over the last ten years and how much this small apartment actually holds. The solution: We realized that we are going to need a storage unit until this is all said and done. It looks like we’re moving with boxes, packing materials, tape, markers and scissors scattered across the living room. My darling husband works his ass off no less than eleven hours Mon.-Fri. and at least six on Sat. That leaves the majority of sorting and packing up to me. The reality: I am one person, we have accumulated an insane […]