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  • Bathtub, Oil & You

    Bathtub, Oil & You My mind keeps wandering to thoughts of you, your eyes, your smile, your touch… “mmm”, your touch… I shake myself mentally trying to focus on the report I need to get done for work tomorrow, silently cursing weeknights that you have to work overtime.  After about an hour of my mind wandering to you, I give up on the report and decide to take a hot bath hoping that might help me focus on the work at hand. I start my bath almost totally hot water and add some lightly scented bath beads.  While the tub fills, I go about getting and doing a few other things.  I turn on my music, loud enough to hear in the bathroom, light an incense and few scented candles, then I grab my towels and baby oil taking everything into the bathroom with me. I turn the water off, take off my clothes, brush my hair, then sink into the tub.  The hot water caresses my bare skin almost as a lover would. “mmm” I slide under the water letting it envelop me for a while before sliding up to lean against the back of the tub.  Closing my […]