About N. Larl

About N. Larl

I do not claim to be an expert in any field that I discuss here. These are my opinions and sometimes my feelings. Like most people, I am flawed as are some of my opinions.

I am a fiction writer. Mainly writing dark (not emo or goth type dark, when I say “dark” I mean the hidden recesses of the human soul type dark), erotic, fantasy, fiction. Most of my writing is NOT appropriate for children or those easily offended.

I am NOT a politician so I am not “politically correct”. I am not a racist, sexist or any other kind of narrow-minded, prejudice “ist”. What I am is a realist that does not sugar coat things very often. If it’s a spade, then I will call it a spade. If you are looking for afeel good”, “care bearexperience, you are most definitely in the wrong place.

Your opinions are welcome as long as they are based on more than “feelings”. That is, unless we’re talking about feelings. Give me some facts to back up what you say and I will do the same. I absolutely love a good debate. A debate is the exchange of ideas with the goal being to inform the other side and perhaps persuade them to your way of thinking. It is NOT an insult contest, which I am VERY good at, if you keep it civil so will I.

I have a family as almost everyone does, however you, loyal reader, do not need to know about them, nor do you need any details about my personal life aside from what I choose to share with you here.

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