House Renor Drathir Chapter 2: The Capture

House Renor Drathir Chapter 2

The Capture


Already out of breath when they captured her, she can barely breathe with the wadded up cloth tied securely in her mouth, the hood on and all the bouncing around on his shoulder. She tries to wiggle and get free of her captor but being bound as securely as she is and in his surprisingly iron like grip she doesn’t accomplish much other than wiggling a little. She tries to listen for familiar sounds and keep a sense of direction about her but the hood is makes all of this virtually impossible.
They make their way back to the secret entrance to their homeland without incident. First, they scour the area several times before they use the words that open the magical entrance and slip quickly inside before it can close again behind them. They make sure that nobody has followed them through before continuing their journey home.

None of it seems quite real as she is swept away from her home. All of it seeming like a bad dream until she hears what sounds like a rock door grinding and sliding shut with a strange echoing finality. The air is suddenly cooler and yet somehow doesn’t feel quite right on the parts of her flesh that are bare. Her senses take all of this in and process it in a matter of seconds suddenly filling her with an overwhelming fear, she starts wiggling a lot more than before and tries to shake the hood off and the gag out of her mouth that’s muffling her screams.

He chuckles evilly when she suddenly starts her useless struggling on his shoulder and he hears her muffled screams of panic. Not slowing his pace at all, he can’t resist helping the little elf’s terror along by moving his hand to grab her nicely rounded ass roughly to hold her on his shoulder more securely. Deciding to give her a small taste of what’s in store for her, he roughly squeezes and fondles that wonderfully wiggling firm ass of hers.

She squeals into her gag when he grabs her ass partly from shock and partly from indignation. Her efforts to get away increase when he starts to roughly squeeze and fondle her ass, shocked at the liberties her captor is taking with her body already she can do nothing but keep trying to wiggle free and shake the annoying hood off. Her efforts don’t last long since she was almost totally exhausted before they subdued her in the forest so very close to home.


The passages very narrow in places causes them change their formation to single file with the girl in the middle so that should something happen she will be both protected and secure until they reach their destination. Death from the surface dwellers much more preferable to the tortures of their Matron, the three are keenly alert of everything around them and every nuance of the passages they run through as they effortlessly, navigating the twisting, winding and turning tunnels, traveling ever downwards with their prize for their Matron.

Finally arriving at house Renor Drathir, they slip unseen into one of the many secret entrances that comes out exactly where they were instructed to bring their catch to. Z’ress grabs her ass very roughly, squeezing and fondling it cruelly, laughing evilly at the squeals he gets from her before tossing her to the floor like a sack of potatoes. The trio keeps watch on the bound wiggling form of the elfess while they quietly wait for their Matron to arrive.

She squealed surprised and shocked at the continued brazen boldness of her captor to take such liberties with her body. Suddenly she wasn’t on his shoulder any longer but before she could figure out what was going on, she hit the floor hard, making her groan around her gag and wiggle to try to get free of the ropes that bound her so securely.