House Renor Drathir

I thought I would show you the little story that started this epic series of books raging through my mind. This has not been edited, so it is a very rough draft.

House Renor Drathir

The start of a new enterprise

Chapter 1

The Prey

Little did Inwë know that the majestic sunset she ran towards would be the last one she would set her beautiful, sky blue eyes upon for quite some time, if she ever saw one again at all. The colors are vibrant, brilliant and a testament to the glory of life. Normally, they would have taken her breath away causing her to pause and bask in the wonder and beauty of her world, but this is no ordinary dusk so, she keeps running trying not to spill the basket of berries she carries. The berries are the whole reason she is late, if she didn’t have to have the fresh strawberry tarts grans makes, she wouldn’t have gone so far from the village to collect a whole basket of the fresh, wild berries.


She has to make it to the village before nightfall, the elders have passed a decree that the gates be shut and barred at sunset; nobody is allowed to enter or leave until sunrise the next morning. The thought of spending the night all alone in the woods frightens her more than she’ll ever let anyone know. She just can’t be late, this is the first time they’ve let her go out alone into the woods. She remembers the fit she threw over having an escort now that she’s 25 and not a child anymore. Looking around at the shadows makes her wish she had never thrown that fit and had the companionship of an elder.


The shadows in the dense woods are already getting long and it seems like things are moving in them, just out of her sight so, she runs faster trying not to spill the berries she worked so hard to collect while, at the same time her need to get to her village becomes desperate. Her small, bare feet barely touch the ground and are almost silent as they propel her towards the safety of her home and village. Her heart races in her chest and she is panting from the effort of running as fast as she can to get home in time.


Olist, Z’ress and Maligore come across her at the beginning of sunset and can’t believe their good fortune. They scour the area for her escort knowing that the nearby village doesn’t let their young ones out unescorted but curiously, they find none. This tells them several things; such as the fact that while the small Darthirii girl looks young, she is not as young as she appears to be and also that their job will be a lot easier than they had planned for.



They watch her, assessing her moves with critical eyes to be sure she is exactly what their Brèideach wants. Young, full-figured, seemingly inexperienced and most of all alluringly fuckable and that, she most certainly is. Despite the fact that she’s a Darthirii, there’s something about the way she looks and moves that makes you want to fuck her in every way possible, make her scream and moan for you but most of all, to possess her and make her beg for you.


Completely unrelated and perhaps random

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I will be bringing you the other four chapters of: House Renor Drathir in the next four weeks.

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