Bathtub, Oil & You

Bathtub, Oil & You


My mind keeps wandering to thoughts of you, your eyes, your smile, your touch… “mmm”, your touch… I shake myself mentally trying to focus on the report I need to get done for work tomorrow, silently cursing weeknights that you have to work overtime.  After about an hour of my mind wandering to you, I give up on the report and decide to take a hot bath hoping that might help me focus on the work at hand.

I start my bath almost totally hot water and add some lightly scented bath beads.  While the tub fills, I go about getting and doing a few other things.  I turn on my music, loud enough to hear in the bathroom, light an incense and few scented candles, then I grab my towels and baby oil taking everything into the bathroom with me. I turn the water off, take off my clothes, brush my hair, then sink into the tub.  The hot water caresses my bare skin almost as a lover would. “mmm” I slide under the water letting it envelop me for a while before sliding up to lean against the back of the tub.  Closing my eyes, I enjoy the hot water, scents and sounds letting myself relax completely.

Almost asleep, my mind inevitable wanders to you.  I smile softly then, wash myself from head to toe, knowing it’s useless for me to keep trying to get you out of my head.  Done washing, I let the water out of the tub, wrap my hair in a towel and grab the baby oil I set next to the tub.  I step out of the tub onto the bathmat without drying off, the hot drops of water glistening on my bare flesh in the candlelight.



I pour a liberal amount of baby oil into my hand, rub my hands together and begin applying it to my hot, wet, bare flesh. Starting with my arms, I leave no spot dry. Next, is my neck, my oily hands slide over my body leaving an oily sheen behind that reflects the dancing flames from the candles.  My oily hands slide over my breasts making my nipples slightly hard. Pouring more oil into my hands, I go back to my breasts, covering them in a lot more oil than is needed.

My nipples get harder with each teasing pass of my hands.  Finally, I give into my desires, pinching my already hard nipples between thumbs and forefingers hard enough to cause pain, if it wasn’t for the ton of baby oil that makes my hard nipples slide easily through my fingers. Eyes closed, a soft moan escapes my lips, pinching and twisting my nipples savagely I moan louder.  My mind turning my hands into yours making me hotter and wetter than I already am. Giving my hard, oily nipples one last, brutal twist teasing myself almost as much as you do, I reluctantly slide my hands down to my stomach.

I oil my stomach, back and shoulders slowly, enjoying how easily my hands slide over my bare flesh and the sensual feel of the oil half soaking in and half lubricating me from what will soon be head to toe. I teasingly move my oily hands near but never touch my already hot and wet pussy.  Sliding over my ass, I squeeze a bit being sure to keep me hot and wet for what I have planned.

Nipples hard as rocks, an even sheen covering every last inch of my bare flesh and my pussy so hot and wet that it’s begging to be satisfied. I toss the towel that’s on my hair to the floor and take the bottle of oil with me to the bedroom.

I set the oil on the bedside table then go to get the candles. Not thinking about such things, I Leave the bedroom door open and put a candle on each side of the bed.  Satisfied that I have everything I need, I crawl to the middle of the bed and position myself comfortably before reaching for the oil. Instead of pouring it into my hand, I drizzle it over one hard nipple then the other, my free hand rubs the oil in giving each nipple a hard pinch, I close my eyes moaning softly. Before drizzling the oil any further, I set it down so both hands can pinch and roll my hard sensitive nipples. Moaning softly, my legs slowly spread as my pussy gets hotter and wetter.

I am so engrossed in what I’m doing I don’t hear you come in to surprise me.  My moans draw you to the bedroom; your mind goes to the worst possible scenario, anger and outrage building with each step you take.  You are so shocked by what you see being the complete opposite of what you imagined, you freeze in the doorway just staring at the sight before you.


When my pussy is so hot you can see it dripping, my eyes still closed, I pick the oil back up drizzling it down my stomach with one hand, the other slowly rubbing the oil in after it.  My hips move slowly, begging and pleading to be touched.  After what seems like forever, the oil finally hits my hot, needy clit, my hips jump and arch up to meet it, a loud moan escaping my lips.  I let the oil slowly run down my now hot and dripping pussy. My oil soaked chest moves up and down faster, making the reflected candlelight glisten and shimmer on my naked flesh, my breathing gets heavier and my moans get louder.

You grab my hands, totally shocked, my eyes pop open and I try to get away having no idea what’s going on.  I realize it’s you at the same moment your very talented tongue touches my needy clit, making me groan even louder.  The unexpected attack and its timing instantly make me cum, my dripping and desperate pussy pushes up towards you begging to be fucked.  Without hesitation, you shove two fingers roughly and deeply into my hot, tight and dripping cunt, fucking me hard & fast. My moans and groans of pleasure fill the room, you have me on the verge of another orgasm before the first one has stopped.


Knowing my body as well if not better than your own, you know how close I am to cumming.  You don’t even think at this point, your body instinctively reacts to mine. Without missing a beat or giving my aching cunt a break, your fucking and licking get faster and more intense. You suddenly move your free hand to catch some of the oil and cum mix dripping down my pussy, soaking your fingers before you slam two of them into my tight, little ass.   I catch my breath with a loud gasp at the sudden and unexpected invasion and pleasure.  I emit a low, deep groan seeming to melt from the ambush of sudden, intense pleasure you’re giving me. Another orgasm adds itself to the first, one word barely able to be heard between my pants, moans and groans “yes”.

All of this has made you rock hard and barely able to think past the hot, dripping, tight pussy in your face and how desperately you need to fuck it. Knowing that you’re the one making me cum like this, that my legs spread only for you, my moans and then the “yes” push you over the edge of control.  Right in the middle of my orgasm, you stop long enough to replace your tongue and hands with your swollen, hard, throbbing cock.

You ram your cock into me, the oil helping you hilt it on the first stroke.  I gasp in a huge breath, your cock slamming me into yet another orgasm.  I groan deeply whispering and panting “no…no…no”.


Knowing that I do not want you to stop, you fuck me savagely, slamming your hard, throbbing cock into my hot, wet, tight pussy that keeps getting tighter, hotter and wetter. My long nails rake down your back pulling you closer, moaning my intense pleasure to you, one orgasm building on the next, taking me higher with each stroke of your cock. The only thing that makes it through the fog of my passion are the thoughts; “I –have- to make you cum with me” and “I have to feel you cum deep inside me.”

I fuck you faster and harder pushing past the muscles in my body that are begging to stop with every orgasm. Not knowing anymore if it’s a lot of orgasms or just one that keeps getting more and more intense. The drive to make you cum takes over, every move becomes about you and your pleasure, I pant into your ear “mmm, I need you to *moan* cum for me my love”.

You don’t know if it’s me fucking you harder & faster, my nails digging into the bare flesh of your back or me telling you what I need or perhaps it’s all of them together.  I doesn’t matter what it was, your last tiny bit of control is gone, you ram your cock as deep into my needy cunt as you can, biting my neck and moaning, your hot cum shoots into my already drenched pussy. Our moans mix together into one sound of pure bliss, my nails dig deeper into your back, every muscle in my body tightens around you, keeping you held tightly to and inside of me as your orgasm makes me cum harder and more intensely than I ever have before.

I cling to you panting, covered in sweat and oil, not able to move until some of my muscles relax. My mind soars and floats from the intensity of all the pleasure you’ve given me.  Beyond happy, content and words, I want to savor this moment as long as possible, having absolutely no desire to let you go.