A Proper Introduction


A Proper Introduction:

Looking at my previous posts and this site, I realize I have not properly introduced myself, so this is your proper introduction to N. Larl. Yes, I have told you some things about me, without telling you why I may seem familiar to you.

I had to change my online name and my website due to copyright infringements. I would rather not be sued for “stealing” even if I have been known under the name for many, many years. They do not care about those things, only which of us got to the copyright office first.

I used to role-play on many unofficial UO shards. I have always had a multitude of characters on any shard I played on, but the one I thought of as home, was “The Genesis Shard”. Most there knew me as either Andromeda or Rommie and this is the avatar I used:


I am sure some of you just left and cancelled your subscription to this blog. Good for you, way to hold a grudge. Have a wonderful, happy life (No sarcasm intended). For those of you still with me, “Hi!” It has been a while, I am glad to see you are still alive and kicking.

For those that may not believe it is really me, I will follow this post with one of the stories I had posted on Andromeda’s blog.

Unrelated yet Relevant:

Completely unrelated to my identity, a few issues were brought to my attention. The inability to reply or comment on any of my posts being the most pressing. After experimenting for a while, we figured out it can be done two different ways:

1) Log into your WordPress account, if you have one and then you can comment/reply.

2) At the bottom of the blog post page, it says something like “You have to be logged in to reply” the word “logged” is actually a link to create an account.

a) After creating this account, you still cannot log in because you have no password. You have to change your password so you will actually have one.

b) Once you do all of these things, then you can finally comment/reply to a post.

Thank you Moon Kitty for helping me figure all of this out. I am not sure why it is doing this, however we are working on it and hope to have it figured out soon.