Inspired Writer

No, this is not Friday, I know I missed last Friday. I will explain more about that in a forum post later today or this week some time.

skull-1193784_640Inspired Writer How to Create Magic with Your Words

I just finished reading: “Inspired Writer How to Create Magic with Your Words” by: Bryan Hutchinson of I felt the overwhelming need to share my experience with you.

Having read many, many books on writing, some helpful, most not so much. The eBook “Inspired Writer” is by far one of the best I have come across to date. Bryan’s message and guidance are amazing in their profound simplicity. His words are not just for writers, but for any and every one with an artistic flare.

With such marvelous gems as:

“Your ideas, ambitions, and dreams are important, and we need you to strive to achieve them, because no matter how stupid they may seem to you, they’re not really stupid at all.”

“Walk your path, and if you stumble, catch yourself, pick yourself back up, and keep creating. Stop punishing yourself. Please. We need you to keep going. The world sorely needs your creativity and artistic touch.”

“Accept yourself as you are and accept your art as it is: Imperfect, and yet, because of said imperfectness, actually quite perfect indeed.”

Those are just a few of his words of wisdom found in his newest book “Inspired Writer How to Create Magic with Your Words.” Thank you Bryan for your beautiful, simplistic and inspiring words, I hope many artists and writers find and read your words of wisdom and find themselves at least half as inspired as I am by your heart-felt honesty.


Normally, I do not endorse or recommend reading to you. I could not pass up this opportunity to share a truly inspirational piece of literature with all artists of any type. Could not stop reading this book, which says a LOT about it since I have trouble keeping focused on eBooks. I read it through in its entirety in one session, it is that inspiring.