New forums update:

All about the new forums:

Our new forums thanks to:
I just installed new forums today so there is very little in there. I am working on adding to them, but wanted to let everyone know what I’m up to today. The setup is fairly simple and straight forward which always helps.
I will connect the forums and my posts here shortly so you can all have your say about things once again.


So far it seems to recognize all of our current members. If you have a problem, please post it if you can or e-mail us at:

What to expect:

There are going to be private a specialty areas for those of you with darker desires and the inclination to play rough or that wish to role play. Working on the FAQ section and general information as well, to help everyone have more fun. We will also have a suggestion area for you.

Completely unrelated:

With the presidential election in the U.S. right around the corner, I will post something about it here in the near future. I promise it will not be another boring opinion on the two lousy candidates from the Republicans and Democrats.