Remodeling? Feels Like We’re Moving

moving-boxes-1151793_1920Landlord says remodeling, but it feels more like we’re moving.

The good news is:

In about two weeks, the landlord is replacing the old, nasty carpet that has been here for over a decade. This is great news, the place has needed new flooring since before we moved in.

The bad news is:

As we look at what there is to move, we realize, not only do we need to go through everything, there is no place to put the large items from the living room, bedroom and office to give easy access to the floors. It is amazing the amount of stuff we have accumulated and acquired over the last ten years and how much this small apartment actually holds.

The solution:

We realized that we are going to need a storage unit until this is all said and done. It looks like we’re moving with boxes, packing materials, tape, markers and scissors scattered across the living room. My darling husband works his ass off no less than eleven hours Mon.-Fri. and at least six on Sat. That leaves the majority of sorting and packing up to me.

The reality:

I am one person, we have accumulated an insane amount of “stuff” over the last ten years. It is slow going. I am making steady progress with this project and keep telling myself that it will all be worth it. Once it is all done and we enjoy a new look and feel to our small and humble abode. The bad part of all of this is that I do not have time to write while trying to do all of this and yet, I still managed to get the synopsis of Book One to the editor this week.

Remodeling Feels Like Moving:

Due to my obsessive tendencies, I have decided to take this opportunity to go through everything in every closet, cupboard, nook and cranny. Getting rid of the junk, consolidating papers, photos and such. I have tried to do this for years and have gotten nowhere because there was not enough room. With the new storage unit, I will be able to box up and ship things out to make room. I will finally be able to sort through everything and lessen the clutter.

I am taking this opportunity to re-organize my desk, streamlining it for writing. Who knows, maybe I can get him to paint the weathered office walls while he’s at it.

Needless to say devoted reader, I am both excited and over-whelmed with all of this.