The fact that I do not have a synopsis for my first book speaks volumes about my inexperience as a writer. It also speaks to the lack of information budding authors are given by the so-called “professionals”.


Synopsis: such a simple word that gave me monumental stress.

It never dawned on me to describe one of my books in a brief, no frills short. Since I learn by example, I set out in search of examples online. It was a daunting task sifting through the millions of results. After many hours, I did it.

Something to keep in mind when looking for usable examples and information: if you have more than one protagonist, this becomes significantly more complicated.

A HUGE thank you to: Writer’s Digest & Chuck Sambuchino for providing exactly what I needed. For more synopsis resources, check out “Places I Prowl“.

After many, many false starts, I finally have a rough draft of a synopsis for the first book. I am planning to spruce it up and have it to the editor by Monday morning. I am excited an anxious about this new territory I am exploring. Thrilled to learn new things as well as anxious about my inexperience in these matters.

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