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Welcome & Warning


If you are under 18 years old or easily offended, you should leave now, however I understand that as someone under 18 years old, you will probably not listen thus; I will not take responsibility for anyone under 18 or those easily offended that insist on continuing to view things on my site.

There will be everything from innocent, loving, vanilla relationships to dark, evil, abusive, fetish and any other deviant behavior that pops into my mind or that of my various character’s minds. If any kind of what “polite” society calls “evil or deviant” behavior bothers or offends you then, LEAVE NOW!!! This has been your one and only warning.

If you’re still here, that’s great. We look forward to getting to know you better and sharing our darker desires with each other, but be warned…anything you can imagine and some things you’re afraid to think about lurk in the shadows here where we feed them well and encourage their growth.

Unless posted by someone else or credit is given, everything here is from the mind of N. Larl which you may find disturbing or perhaps thoroughly enjoy, only time will tell. Please feel free to use an alternate name here to preserve your privacy and allow yourself to explore things deeply and completely. There’s no judgements here, but there is torture and punishment for the bad users and visitors or those that enjoy such things.

All of that said, come on in and get ready to enjoy your darker desires with us.

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